We deliver bespoke and specifically tailored 360 wellness programmes to organisations that truly want to engage with and understand their employees’ wellbeing objectives

Who is Questae Collective?

John Walters Founder & Director

Did you know

Data from the Office for National Statistic’s (ONS’s) Labour Force Survey in November 2019 has found that that “17.5 million working days were lost last year due to mental health-related sickness absence”

Work With Us

Ergonomics Guiding employees to optimise their workspace, whether office, lounge, coffee shop, or wherever it may be

Nutrition Guiding employees & organisations to better understand the importance of good nutrition at work

Mental Health Support
for the Workplace
Introducing employees & organisations to the importance of acknowledging, understanding & supporting mental health

Breathing In-depth breathwork coaching to maximise & enhance optimal breathing techniques

Mental Fitness Empowering employees & organisations to understand & develop overall cognitive health

Stress and Sleep Guiding employees to better understand & utilise the health benefits of positive stress management & good sleep

Colour Helping employees understand the impact of colour personalities within themselves & their teams

The Built Environment How the environment in which we work impacts us

Movement Ensuring movement is a fundamental & accessible part of your working environment

Our Process

Our process is simple, effective & most importantly, human!